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Puddleduck Boarding Kennel I want to thank you for the very special care you provided for Nellie, my two year-old Sheltie, when she was with you at Puddleduck this summer. It worked out really well and your kennels and grounds are beautiful. I appreciated it very much! I'm planning on another trip to Belfast next July and will be in touch with you about another stay for Nellie.

Thanks so much!

Puddleduck Boarding Kennel Last month, our then 10 month old Yellow Lab, Haley, spent almost three weeks with Frances at her kennel in training. Haley had progressed beyond puppy behavior into stubborn independence with a touch of disregard for the basic obedience training she had learned at 6 months. We needed to get her into a more serious regimen, and Frances came highly recommended as the best person for this job.

We received periodic up-dates on Haley's progress, but elected not to visit her during this time for fear of disrupting the training. When we picked her up, Frances spent over an hour with us alone explaining all that she had done and how to continue the training at home. She also gave us advice on what we were feeding her. Then Frances took Haley out for a walk which we could view without Haley seeing us. We were amazed at how calm and obedient she was!! When Haley greeted us she did not jump on us out of control, but we knew she was happy to see us! Under Frances' guidance Tom and I worked with Haley for enough time for us to learn what to do at home.

The change in Haley's behavior is still amazing us each day. She is calmer, more self-controlled and obedient. She comes when she is called even with distractions and the jumping is under control, even though she is so anxious to greet people. Thank you, Frances, for all of your professionalism, work and effort in transforming Haley into the dog we always wanted!

Puddleduck Boarding Kennel I cannot tell you how delighted I am Griffin’s first stay went from strength to strength and Tabitha handed me a happy, relaxed dog this morning. I was so happy he ate for you and seemed to be totally engaged during his stay. Coming home he has been calm and not Velcro, which means he is not stressed. He willingly got in the car for a ride this afternoon so clearly he is not afraid that getting in the car means going to the kennel.

Second stay:

After leaving him for two nights again to practice his boarding skills, I see nothing but progress. The reports on his eating and interacting were fantastic. I see genuine affection between Tabitha and Griffin which means she is learning how to make him happy, and best of all, cares that he is. Once again I brought home a relaxed dog who settled back into his home without anxiety. I never thought I would find a kennel where I would be happy to leave my dog, having had some unfortunate experiences in the past that made me think twice about traveling.

Puddleduck is bright, clean and totally impressive facility. The exercise area is gorgeous. The kennels are large with plenty of room for a large dog bed. I know now I have found a place where I can leave Griffin with no concerns, knowing he is in excellent, loving hands. I also feel so comfortable as Griffin’s owner to get such great feedback as to how he is doing. Puddleduck is now officially Griffin’s “home away from home”.

Puddleduck Boarding Kennel My husband and I have been using Puddleduck Retrievers for boarding and day camp almost 8 years now – ever since the first time we met Frances Plessner and toured her remarkable facility. Willie is always well cared for, usually kennels with another boarding pal, and gets plenty of walks and/or runs and playtime. It’s a huge relief to know that he’s in a clean, safe, comfortable, fun environment while we’re away. Puddleduck Retrievers is Willie's 'home' away from home.

Elizabeth IlgenFritz
David Jacobson
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel It is very easy to write a testimonial to you and the wonderful care you provide for your boarders. Your sweet and extremely competent attention to our dogs has changed the way we feel about traveling. For our one remaining golden retriever, Minnie, going to Puddleduck is clearly like going to camp. She begins to get excited when we turn up Higgins Hill Road then bounds out of the car eager to see you.

We recommend you without reservation to anyone who wants a safe and healthy place to leave their treasured pets. We always feel at complete peace knowing Minnie is happy with you.

We have also appreciated your advice concerning training and health issues.
It is a joy to know you and to see someone who is so perfectly suited to her life work. Your gentle authority with the dogs is wonderful to watch. Thank you for all the tender care you have given our dogs over the years.

Mary Douglass Ryan
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel "Puddleduck cares about dogs. That is evident from the construction and cleanliness of the kennel and yard areas, the provision of air conditioning and heat as seasonally required, and their willingness to make sure individual animals get the specific care and exercise they need. Tucker, my 18 month old Border Collie, has been staying at Puddleduck periodically over the last year since I adopted him. Our experience has been consistently good. Tucker has a bunch of energy that has to be dissipated through outdoor exercise and Puddleduck makes sure he is outside as much as possible in their fenced yard and socially engaged with the other dogs being raised or boarded there. Everything about his experience at Puddleduck has been outstanding and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future."

Dave Christensen & Tucker
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel "I started boarding my dogs at Puddleducks about 5 years ago and am very confident they are getting the best of care and attention in a safe and happy environment. Frances is very knowledgeable, patient and easy to get along with. The kennels are spacious and clean inside and out, cool in summer and warm in the winter. What more could you ask for?"

Linda Forbes. Augusta, ME
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel My wife and I have been boarding our 2 Collies with Frances Plessner for 2 years. We have always been satisfied with the care and attention our dogs receive. When we pick them up they are calm and happy. An important asset to the kennel is the exercise yard. My Collies spend time running and playing there. The fact that Frances and her employees take time to ensure proper exercise is the main reason we use Puddleduck kennel.

Walter and Susan Sheren
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel Our dog Bella loves to stay at Puddleduck's boarding kennel when we go away. She gets right in there playing with the other dogs and greeting Frances and the other workers, and doesn't even notice that I'm trying to say "bye," how long we'll be gone, etc. She's like, "Whatever, Mom, I'm having fun!" Although she's always thrilled to see us when we return, I know she's had a wonderful time at Puddleduck and that she's been well cared for.

Kimberley Heilig
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel I have had the pleasure of boarding several of my dogs at Puddleduck Kennel.

I can’t say enough about how pleased I have been with the care and attention the dogs received while in Frances’ expert care. The sleeping areas are spacious and clean. The dogs are always noticeably happy and eager when they are dropped off and appear content and at ease in their surroundings when they are picked up. I unhesitatingly recommend Frances’ beautiful, clean facility and huge fenced play yard as a place where dogs truly love to stay. And like most dog owners, that's what is important to me: that my dogs will be happy at the place they board while I'm away.

Marion Rodrigue
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel I have had the pleasure of boarding several of my dogs at Puddleduck Kennel.

Over the past 6 months I have had to board my Siberian Husky, Samantha quite a bit. Frances is very caring and patient with me. The area is very large for my dog to run around and Frances even takes her for long walks. I appreciate everything they do at Puddleduck and will always use this when I need to kennel my dog.

Roger M.
Puddleduck Boarding Kennel I have had the pleasure of boarding several of my dogs at Puddleduck Kennel.
I adopted To Matter in early November. A prior commitment had me going out of state for a week over Thanksgiving. I was anxious about leaving him in a kennel so soon after his adoption. A lively young male, he is eager for lots of exercise.
I looked around carefully for a place to board him. Thankfully I heard about Puddleduck. I chose it because of the large fenced in area where the dogs can play together. What a success.
We continue to use Puddleduck whenever my work takes me too far from home. To Matter loves it. He seems to think of it as his vacation spot. When we are within half a mile he gets excited. When we arrive he jumps out happily.
Frances has created a boarding facility that is calm, orderly, loving and caring. She gets to know the dogs who come to board and is caring of their individual preferences as well as the preferences of the owners. I appreciate that she strives to make each dog’s stay joyful.
Now I know that To Matter will be well cared for and have fun whenever I’m traveling. This creates a sense of ease for me … well worth the drive to get there.

"In 2006, my husband and I retired and moved to Maine from Pennsylvania. We researched kennels online and by word of mouth, to find a lab puppy, as our beloved Malcolm died shortly before we moved. Finding the Plessners and Puddleduck Retrievers was the beginning of our new family in Maine. Our puppy, Sweet Pea, selected for us by Frances, settled right in and when we found we could board her at Puddleduck, we felt free to travel whenever we wished. The boarding kennels are the best we've ever seen - spacious, safe, and so clean. The huge play yard is fenced with lots of room for running and romping.In the winter, the kennels are warm and cozy. The dogs get lots of personal attention in addition to daily walks. Two years ago, we added a 2nd puppy, Tess, and now they go together when they need to be boarded. They jump happily from the car and run right down to the kennel...something I had never seen before, since they usually don't like to leave us. They seem to know they are at Dog Camp and are going to have fun! When picked up, our dogs are clean, healthy, and much more fit than when they went. Glad to be there and glad to come home... what could be better! Sometimes we get offers from friends to look after the dogs when we go away, but, even though Puddleduck is an hour+ drive each way, I prefer to take them there because they are so well cared for. Thank you, Plessners!"

Beth and Jay Lewis, Boothbay, ME

We had discoved Puddleduck on the recommendation of a member of our local kennel club Being an AKC judge, it was monumentally important to me to have the best possible care for my “family members” (Vizsla and Afghan), when shows or vacations would arise. As a breeder for over 40 years, proper care and cleanliness are paramount in my choice for a vacation for my “kids”.

I was absolutely amazed at not only the cleanliness of the kennel, but the beautiful environment for Silas’ stay. This property is situated in a country setting in a convenient location between Augusta and Belfast.

Anyone who knows the Vizsla breed, knows that they are “velcro dogs” and having to kennel him previously became a stressful event for him and us as well. Not so at Puddleduck Kennels. He immediately settled in and Frances and her able staff, made his stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Being a “social butterfly”, Silas enjoyed the company of the other “guests” while romping around in the huge paddock area. Every “guest” is evaluated on an individual basis and given the proper environment for the duration of their stay, whether it be in the spacious individual run or “paddock” play time. Puddleduck Kennels is the perfect “home away from home” for our four-legged family members.


We have been boarding our Golden Retrievers with Frances at Puddleduck Retriever Kennels for about ten years. Having used numerous kennels in New Jersey and in Maine, we find that Puddleduck is by far the best facility we have ever encountered. The kennels are clean and comfortable both winter and summer. There is a huge (one acre?) fenced in area where Frances lets compatible dogs run and play together. Other kennels confine the dogs to an outdoor “run” that is usually about 6 feet wide and 15 feet long. Puddleduck has those too, so dogs can be outdoors or indoors whenever they choose, but the huge outdoor play area allows them to socialize get some great exercise. We’ve also had Frances do some obedience training and field training with our dogs. It is amazing how dogs can read her body language and respond to her commands. She’s our own local “dog whisperer”. We live almost an hour away from the kennel, but it is worth the trip to drop off and pick up our dog when he needs to be boarded. We wouldn’t leave him anywhere else.

Joe and Judy Bodnar
Jefferson, ME

I've boarded my three Labrador retrievers with Frances Plessner many times over a number of years and it's been a great experience, for me and the dogs, every time. The dogs get plenty of exercise, enjoy the other dogs and come back to me tired and happy. I never worry, knowing that the kennels are clean and comfortable and that Frances is very familiar with each of the dogs and has an amazing understanding of the nature of dogs.

Brunswick, ME

We've been bringing our 3 dogs to Puddleduck Kennels for 3 years. Her kennel was recommended to us, by a friend, when we were looking for a new kennel. We are extremely happy that we took our friend's recommendation. Our dogs are not anxious or upset when we bring them to the kennel. Frances has a more personal relationship with our dogs than any other kennel where they have stayed. She takes the time to get to know the dogs and learn their individual needs. She makes their time away from home less stressful. We feel very comfortable leaving our dogs with Frances and would recommend Puddleduck Kennels to anyone looking for a "home away from home" for their dogs.

Jamie and Terri

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